My Summer Job : Meh – When A Teacher Gets Published. No Time for Shrugs … Amazon Kindle Self Publishing for Beginners

OK. I have a confession. I am a public school teacher. Along with that comes the stigma: overworked, underpaid, with summers off.

Of course, most teachers will admit, we rarely truly get summers off. Those who can’t independently afford vacations, choose to teach during the summer or go to training. Some teachers rely on summer jobs at camps or some, such as your truly, even work as a waitress. I did restaurant work for the first fifteen summers of my teaching career. I absolutely loved the different environment. After a year with middle school students, alone, in a classroom, waitressing often gives a fresh perspective on life. It is nice to see the families of my students out enjoying a meal on a warm summer evening. I always felt it grew my bond with the community wherein I taught.

Nowadays, though, age has caught up with me and my ‘approaching fifty’ body isn’t cut out to hold large trays of food. Also, motherhood limits the amount of time I have available to commit to a job outside of my home. So, this summer, I have decided to commit my days to publishing and marketing my first book: Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs.

I am off to a good start. While I actually wrote my book over the spring, I was far too busy teaching to even consider learning my way around the Amazon Self Publishing: CreateSpace platform for authors. So, I waited until my summer vacation started. Now, I am very proud to announce that, in just my first week of publishing this summer, I not only got my book and cover completed and uploaded on my own, but I also landed on the Amazon Charts in the Top 100 for my two categories !

Woo Hoo !! What a rush for a first time author!

Of course, once the excitement settled and I continued to refresh my screen over the next few days, I realized from my dropping-fast ratings that publishing a book and crossing my fingers is not enough: I must also learn how to market my book. I realize now that simply sharing my link with my Facebook family and Twitter followers is not enough. I need a plan.

So, like a true teacher in search of ideas, I’ve taken to the internet. I’m delighted to find a plethora of blogs and websites offering advice, tips, and instructions. I am the kind of person who learns best by video, so I am equally thrilled to find a few bloggers who offer full tutorials. I will list the links below for anyone else interested in this kind of endeavor. I will admit, at first it seems overwhelming, but after just one week of seeking and learning, I feel confident that I will become accomplished at managing email and marketing my books.

Today, I am determined to learn how to manage my email list and how to create pop ups for free ebooks on my website. Soon, I will offer a free copy of my Intro to the Testing Games book for anyone who joins my Book Club mailing list. I am also hoping to set up a Free Read Red Day Tuesdays. With this promotion, anyone who downloads Meh: When a Teacher Shrugs on Tuesday will get a free copy in honor of Wear Red for Ed Tuesdays !

But, first … I must teach myself how to get it done. I am learning plenty about independent (indie) publishing. The first rule: Learn how to market. Pop Ups – Here I Come !!

Thank you for joining me on this journey !!

Here is a peak at my summer office:
Screenshot 2015-06-15 at 9.03.55 AM


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