YES! — Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs now available in paperback ! Plus, a sneak peak into book !

Many thanks to everyone for a wonderful first day at independent book publishing ! I am excited to announce that my first novella, Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs, is off to a great start! Thanks to all for purchasing and leaving such wonderful comments and ratings on my Amazon Kindle page ! Please don’t forget to join my Book Club —>

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase my first book, Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs,  here is a sneak peak:

Stella French was in her 29th year of teaching the morning she walked into Ms. Sandy’s classroom to collect the ELA state test materials. She would not make it to 30.

She spent the last fifteen of those years as the school guidance counselor. She switched to guidance with dreams of starting amazing programs to improve the lives of her students. She hoped to lead them to college scholarships or suitable vocational programs. She hoped to help them through the daily horrors of their lives. Knowing the stress and anxiety they faced, she hoped to be a light in their personal tunnels of adolescence.

Instead, her job was consumed by state testing mandates. As guidance counselor, she was also appointed to the role of ‘school testing administrator’. Now, in the eyes of her students she represented the enemy. Ms. Stella French was well aware of that fact. It ate away at her soul.

Available on Amazon – For download on any device.  $2.99 Download Here !


Oh – wait ! Do you prefer a good ol’ fashion paper back book for your reading pleasure? I know the feeling ! Well, good news! I am excited to announce: Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs paperback book is now available for purchase online. $6.99 Order Here ! 

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2 thoughts on “YES! — Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs now available in paperback ! Plus, a sneak peak into book !

  1. Did you write this book about me? Actually I tried to leave the classroom and was the Parent Involvement Specialist for District Interventions. When Clinton left office and Bush was elected, our lovely district did away with my position and stuck me in a Title One school teaching second grade. From there everything went to garbage with NCLB.
    Can’t wait to read your first in series.


    • Thank you so much, Gayle. I am glad to hear the book resonated with you. I wrote it for all of us fighting to keep our dignity in this current state of education reform ! I am working on Book 2 now! Stay tuned !


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